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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Treatment in Dallas & Surrounding Areas

A mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is an injury to the brain caused by external forces. Common examples that cause an mTBI are motor vehicle accidents (with or without a direct blow to the head), sports related injuries, falls or explosive blasts. Patients may or may not suffer a loss of consciousness for an mTBI to occur.

Keep in mind: Brain injuries may also occur without a direct blow to the head. This is known as a “coup contrecoup injury.” As in the case of a motor vehicle accident, the head can rapidly accelerate and decelerate while twisting and rotational forces can stretch and sever long-range connecting fibers in the brain. Damage to these fibers can disrupt communication between nerve cells and reduce the efficiency of brain function. These brain changes can be difficult to “see” with radiographs, CT or an MRI scan and be equally as difficult to find during a medical exam.

Fortunately, the expert medical doctors at the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas have the experience to spot even the most obscure or minute of brain injuries. If you’ve recently experienced a head injury and are looking for brain injury treatment in Dallas, contact us today! We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Symptoms

Sleep Disturbance
Balance Problems
Vision Changes
Personality/Mood/Behavioral Changes
Ringing In Ears
Memory Loss

When To See a Doctor

When it comes to mild traumatic brain injuries, it’s important to get a proper examination and an assessment by a doctor sooner rather than later. Doing so can ensure that no secondary damage is caused following the injury, or that your symptoms don’t persist indefinitely.

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, schedule an appointment with your local brain injury clinic in Dallas Texas today.

Consult a physician immediately if you:

  • Experience neck or head pain as a result of a physical trauma
  • Experience feelings of stiffness or pain within muscles in the head or neck area
  • Experience bladder control loss or impairment
  • Experience numbness, weakness or difficulty moving your extremities

If you are experiencing pain in the head and/or neck area, contact a doctor ASAP about identifying the causes. Quick and accurate diagnosis has the potential to ensure an appropriate and effective treatment plan.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Surgeons & Specialists

Meet with skillful doctors and nurses to determine the root cause of your issues and implement remedies

Comprehensive Care

Learn about the surgical and non-surgical treatment options that are most appropriate for the neck pain you’re experiencing

Advanced Technology & Procedures

Receive the best possible brain injury treatments in Dallas, with our innovative methods of assessment and state of the art surgical systems

The Best Brain Injury Clinic in Dallas Texas

At the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas, our staff provides patients with quality examinations, efficient assessments, and treatment plans that help them heal and get relief from mild traumatic brain injuries. Our doctors have a proven track record of treating mild trauma brain injuries and are available to help treat any pain you might be experiencing as a result. Furthermore, our team of nurses and administrators keep our patients comfortable and on track for a successful treatment, no matter your condition or issue.

Comprehensive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Treatments for All of Dallas

Need to treat your brain injury but live outside central Dallas? No problem! We’re proud to serve the greater Dallas-Forth Worth community with our 5 convenient locations in Arlington, Lancaster, Mesquite, North Dallas, and Fort Worth. Our multiple offices allow us to provide valuable treatment services to residents all over the Dallas – Fort Worth area. And, with an expert staff of experienced doctors and surgeons at each and every one of our offices, we’re fully equipped to provide the brain injury treatment you need no matter where you live in Dallas!

We Accept Most Major Insurance Carriers

CSC works with a wide range of approved insurance carriers. If you don’t see your insurance plan here or aren’t sure if your specific plan is included, please call us for more information.

If you don’t have insurance, please call (214) 782-9222 ext. 8307.

Additional Symptom Information

mTBI are commonly misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. People many times do not even know they have an MTBI. The patient feels off, confused, anxious, agitated, sleep poorly, memory is poor, appetite is decreased but does not know why. At the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas, we are experts in the treatment of MTBI.

How Do I Treat an mTBI?

Some people recover without any formal treatment, however, if symptoms persist, you may be recommended additional treatment options, such as:

  • Medication may be prescribed for specific symptoms. Your doctor will discuss all of your symptoms with you and develop an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Rehabilitation of the brain with I-PAS® technology, oculomotor training, and home exercise, may also be recommended for continued symptomatology.
  • Other treatment options typically include physical and mental rest.
  • Most mTBI patients will experience symptom resolution with time and appropriate treatment.


What treatment options exist for a mild traumatic brain injury in Dallas Texas?

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries can be treated using a variety of techniques. While limiting physical and cognitive activities as much as possible can help treat many brain injuries, sometimes more serious interventions are necessary. 

Based on your diagnosis, one of our mild traumatic brain injury doctors may recommend medication to help re-stabilize your brain. Moreover, surgery and rehabilitation may also be recommended depending on the severity of your injury.

Can a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cause Permanent Damage?

While the skull is designed to protect the brain from trauma, it’s not infallible. Brain damage caused by any Brain Injury–however mild–can last indefinitely if not treated properly. That’s why it’s so important to visit a brain injury clinic in Dallas as soon as possible following emergency medical care.

Should I still visit a doctor even if I’m not experiencing symptoms?

Yes. In fact, many people with brain injuries may not recognize they are having problems, or even see how their symptoms are affecting them. This is another reason why paying a visit to a doctor following emergency care is especially important.


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